Carp Rod Pos VS Banksticks


Dudej74 wrote:
got the same ones for my first alarms and still have them
since i bought the drakes 2014 only changed battery once also whats nice about them is the tone and sensitivity settings on them helps a bit in windy conditions to set the sensitivity
next buy will be wireless because just nice to go to bed and have the receiver next to you
Those sensation alarms are very loud and it was pretty basic which is what appeals to me...I am now fishing with Delkim EV Plus and they are too finicky wrt all the settings and sensitivity can drive me up the walls...I also have a set of Gardner TLB alarms which I use for my 2 rod setup...Great is the TLB alarms as 100% waterproof and just an on/off switch which is great!
I then also have the Gardner receiver with 3.5mm transmitters that work with the delkims and then I have the 2.5mm jack converters that fit on the TLB so they work on them too! ;)
I say buy the best gear possible that your money allows!!!


agree with you there start of small and basic build up from there until you are sure that specimen is for you
took me 4 years to get my gear up to scratch and still don't have enough
my trailer is getting to small now
remember you can always upgrade with time get the basics going like correct landing nets, matts and terminal tackel and upgrade the rest later