Budget Baitcaster Reels (2024)


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Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a decent beginner bait caster reel. Something reliable, long lasting and easy for beginners to learn. Nothing that will break the bank though.
  • Smooth casting with minimal birds nests
  • 7:1 reel speed
  • Externally adjustable magnetic break system (not the one where you have to pull off the side plate)
  • Rock solid frame and good build quality
I’ve had a look at these reels:
Has anyone personally used any of these?

Which would you recommend, if any?

Alternatives with better value for money without sacrificing reliability?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you soon.

Tight lines! :)


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I’ve heard good things about Quantum as well, thanks for sharing! How long have you had it?
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Baitcasters you get what you pay for in terms of longevity. The cheaper ones just don't last that long, typically moving parts (which there are a lot of) just wear out sooner. Once the anti reverse and gears start going you might as well chuck these reels. That said these cheaper reels should last a couple of years depending on how much the are used and taken care of. Also, if you use it for general bass fishing these reels are just fine. If you want to fish thick (50lb) braid and frogs/pitching etc. rather get something a bit more sturdy with better components otherwise you will break the reel sooner than you think.


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Awesome thanks @DJP, that makes the most sense to me. It reminds me of an Afrikaans saying “Goed koop, is duur koop”. 😉

Hopefully this thread can help more people make good choices.

I’d love to see a few posts on what people spent on their setup, their learnings and advice for beginners. 🙌🏻

I’ll take the plunge shortly and buy one of these reels with a decent rod and let everyone else know how I personally found it as a beginner. 👍🏻


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Update: I decided to just take the plunge and go for the Okuma Serrano 7.2:1 reel and paired it with the Okuma Serrano 7ft MH rod.

Visually, as one would assume, these look stunning and handle really well together. The blue catches the eye and is not over done, thus making it very appealing to look at.

Handling wise, the combo feels pretty well balanced. The grips on both feel really high quality and fit nicely in your hands. I don’t have big hands, and is comfortable even for me. The reel is low profile so it’s not intrusive.

Casting wise, as a beginner I found it surprisingly easy to cast, and the wind was pumping! I had no one to show me first hand how to use a bait caster, all I did was watch many videos explaining how to setup the brake and tension system for your lures and which line to pair with your setup. Backlash? Very-very minimal, and that was due to my own mistakes. After about 10-15 minutes into my session I got the hang of feathering as I cast and stopping the spool before the lure hit the water. That worked well for me.

Overall, very pleased with it and I’m glad I decided to spend a little more and get something better. As stated above by fellow anglers, you get what you pay for, and in this case it was well worth it!

Highly recommend this combo for any new comers🙏🏻🎣

Full setup here ⬇️
- Okuma Serrano 7ft MH rod
- Okuma Serrano 7.2:1 reel
- Double X 15lb copolymer 600M