brindle bass


Dingle... it's the same all over in the animal world... if you behave like prey, then you become prey. Behave with confidence underwater and you can interact with just about any fish... including Great whites, as has been proven by several freedivers. In the terms of "passive" underwater... a Ragged Tooth Shark is almost docile, so is a Potato Bass and a Brindle Bass.

Obviously, that doesn't necessarily mean they will never become aggressive... corner any one of these animals and yes, then you're asking for k@k.

Neels Lotter

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Hi guys. I have just joined you. I was looking for any info wrt the Brindle Bass. The reason for this is because I have a photo of a Brindle Bass that my dad caught in Durban off the South Pier in 1950.It weighed 446 pounds. If anybody knows anything about it, I would like to hear from you. I'll be willing to share the photograph if anyone is interested.


I know of many anglers that have landed brindle bass and have photos that went very public and none of them have been arrested as the fish were safely released, same as well known anglers posing with potato bass and nothing happens as the fish were released, but hey im no expert.