Breede River Bass


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Afternoon chaps, need some help ^^.. I am taking the wife away on a "just the two of us" weekend before our daughter is born. Found a really cool spot on the Breede just outside Bonnievale. Now I understand that there are smallies, largies, carp and barbel to be caught. I think im going to focus on the bass, however I could use any advice. Apart from some crank baits and inline spinners what else should I take? colours etc? I have fished for bass before but i am no expert. I also do a spot of fly fishing now and then and was wondering how hard it is to catch bass on a fly rod? any advice would be great...............Help a fellow fisherman out.....its one of my last weekends of freedom. :ifishin


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Cheers, will definitely check to see if i have a couple in my fly box or go and buy some. Im guessing a messy noisy retrieve?
Hi, I come from Bonnievale - might not have the best advice, but if you can give me a general idea of where you will be fishing i might be able to help you a bit.

Might sound obvious, but as not everybody knows that part of the Breede i can tell you that you wont be able to fish from the side in most areas. So, hopefully they have a boat of some sort available where you are staying.

Top water in the morning close to the rapids always a winner for us.

Certain holes have a lot of fallen trees and shallow roks, so if those are available where you will be i would recommend slow fishing with soft baits - spend some quality time in such areas. Wackly worm (white and pink) work very well for me.

If you are fishing along the river bank (casting from a boat to the bank) and there are thick bushes/trees along the bank i would recommend spinnerbait - white/green/yellow.....i like using a black and red combo one... At these structures i tend to allow the spinnerbait to sink a few seconds before i retrieve. Not saying it is unique or even the best strategy, but i find that sometimes the water is much deeper under those bushes/trees that what you might think.

Rapalas above/below the rapids where there are often beds of round rocks.

PLEASE excuse all possible spelling erros....

Anyway, those are some of the things i would remember on the breede and hopefully not all are too obvious or useless... :)



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Thanks so much for the input. We are staying at Bordeax River cottages, apparently it has its own jetty and canoe. So your tips are awesome. Im going to take a couple of spinning rods with me and my fly rod.

So you reckon we wont be able to catch from the jetty?? Im kinda hoping to not have to travel too far...........with the pregnant fairy. LOL:fbash :kaykak
You can certainly catch something off the jetty. I would recommend making a cast or three from the bank next to the jetty before you walk onto it - might be a fish camping out there...

Nice part of the river!

Look, i just had to cancel my next fishing outing due to the ring on the finger, so i respect your idea....but, if you can take that canoe for a spin i would strongly recommend it!

All of the best with your baby!


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Cheers Jaco, thanks for the feedback. I will definitely post some pics if we catch. just a couple of weeks away.



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Hey Jason. How did the trip go? I am heading to Bonnievale this weekend. Would appreciate any advice you could offer.