Bluewater Hunting


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The weather looked perfect for a tuna mission on Saturday, so we rode out to the deep with the intention of boating a few fish. Arriving at the canyon we came across a sperm whale and I raced to get my kit on in time to take a photo but unfortunately the whale sounded before I was ready.

After about 30 minutes on the troll we got a double strike and boated the first fish. Despite chumming straight away there were no more fish. After trolling for a few more hours with no fish and nothing happening with any of the other boats we decided to chum for some fish, or even some sharks to photograph. Nothing! The big blue desert... just a few days previously there were sharks everywhere, now just dead quiet.

The water was the blue'est I've ever seen and being out there was a privilege, even with no fish about. I thought I'd post a few of the more evocative images to to give you guys the gees...