Bluenose off Durban


I'm quite fortunate to have ORI like less than 1km from my boat and was asked to take 1cm skin samples of the fish I catch and all info as there is very litle info on the spiesies and there numbers at that depth.So I do work hand in hand to get more and more info on all of the grouper spiesies.First time I got a moustage grouper I thought it was a big wreck fish but was prover wrong by seems like there number is is much larger than the catface and yellowbelly for each outing we incunter more and more of these big moustage grouper.also it turns to reddish color after 2 min on deck .


Dr Hoffman the only info I could get on the deep reefs off Durban was published by The Oceanographic Research Institute in 1968 byJ.I.P. Smith :investigational report no 19, and includes the following spiesies:macruroplus ORI,synaphobranchus affinis,Daramattus armatus,Benthodesmus elongatus,pilymixia nobills,Ruvettus pretioxus,Sarcocara nigripinnis,Glyptophidium longipes,Sphwnantirias simoterus,Hydrolagus African us,Malacocephalus laevis,and Macro to plus polylepis .As you can see no grouper and no bluenose as for the method they were using to fish.
I'm sure if they used handline it would have been totally aim is to prove that there is a big food source out in the deep and I know I'm right as iv experienced it.But now it is to look at there migration pattern so for this year I only fish in each season .next year I'll focus on the vest Feb I saw the biggest shoal of fish in my life.But mother nature chased me home.if you have more info I'll apriciate it highly.PS.please excuse the tex as I'm tiping on my phone don't have a computer. My interest is in the ocean not in the books.


The reef I fish on is 18 km by 5 km wide.for all the fish that was caught was only on a stretch of 200m by 100m wide.


The reef I fish on is 18 km by 5 km wide.for all the fish that was caught was only on a stretch of 200m by 100m wide.

I don't know anything but what I've seen on the NZ fishing shows..I'm just curious, been wondering about these as they are found in NZ and Tristan Da Cuhna and the first species all up the Atlantic from brazil to america and is described as being found here? I've read also very susceptible to commercial over fishing, not by rod and line but there are fisheries that have been collapsed by long-lining fleets in some places. Anyway I'm amazed at your efforts to go and discover a new fishery and document it :) and hope no long liners figure it out too..I'd froth at a chance to get one of those deep species you've been catching, one day! Great stuff.


Hi just thought I might update you guys on my last outing and what iv learnt. On Wednesday the call came from a high profile client of mine Kobus Bezuidenhout.

I want a big fish like that and a bluenose.I tought its a tall order but I'm sure I can do it.I'll look at the forecast and advice best day was Monday or Tuesday.

As it was a week in advance the weather can change. He said it no problem I'm flying down tomorrow let me know when is the best day.

Keeping a close eye on the weather and cfoo bouy web site for the current it was time to tackle up.First to many hooks so I down sized to 6 hooks.

I was taking one guy out so 2 electric reels would be more than enough.

It would be nice if the Lingrin pitman reel was available but the daiwa bull would have to do.

The weather moved up one day.Sunday was a good day but with ne blowing sat its going to be bumpy in the morning but most important the pressure was good 05h00 1020 going up to 1023 by 11h00 after that a wast of time.

I made the call sunday 04h00.Left port at 04h00 with bumpy seas but she's a big boat 10m no problem. Sun up at the spot fist down one rod 3 fish 2 Bluenoses and one fish I Need help to identity.

Second down small moustage grouper, juvenile moustage grouper so you can compare this one with the juvenile wreck fish,next down bluenose then came a donky of a moustage grouper 26,6 kg.

Client happy by 10h00 6 fish onboard.Back home you've done it I'm happy came the call.Thanks.

On the way back my gillie was chating away and I had time to regroup on my thoughts on what iv done and learnt of the habits conserning these deep fish.iv tried ne wind ,sw wind ,ne drift,sw drift,high tide,low tide,late day going in to night,dark to urly morning,and rising pressure.Now pressure decreasing, but that means no fish or fishing hard for one.

That would be my next trip but no client as fishing might be bad.


Sunday afternoon I received a call from a good friend .

Please larnie don't turn in to a book we reading you post and like to hear and see what fish you catch and how you go about targeting these big fish we've never seen before.Please speak plain.

Cool Mohamed no problem.I was home By 12h00 had a look at the weather made sum money boats full its time for my trip and iv got to pay the learning fees.

But nothing say we can't make a fun trip out of it.So I phoned my friend Moulana and asked him to join me for an outing for Bluenoses.

He's been chartering my boat now for 3 years,this is pay back time.

It was yes please. Next call Rayn Williamson from plulsator please join me bring the big electric reel R100 000 for one reel but what a machine this thing is what I need let test it.

Its a bad day so we need to work hard fish won't eat but for Rayn it would mean looking at the area and us both learning more about how to get better at targeting these fish.

we left at 03h00 wanted to see if they eat in the dark with a dropping pressure,have tried every combination. We only had one pull,it came on Moulanas rod .

On the way back it was me and my thoughts again.

Feb was crazy with the most fish I ever Shaw .

The fish was mostly female with eggs.last two outing the bluenose was few and all males with white sperm coming out when on means this is end of spawning time.The females moved on and some males stayed .

interesting very interesting. I can work with this information. Did the females go deep,north or south.

Need to ask a few friends south and north 100 km up or down to go deep and see .me I need to go deep.

Shit need the Big reel .My wife is going to sh!t her pants if I ask her if I can buy one.

I really really need one or I please want one.


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