Best mono / fluro line manufacturer


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I use either a palomar or clinch knot to tie leader to hook. I use both mono & fluro as the leader. Normally 8kg line

I am often frustrated with the knot snapping when testing the knot.

Not sure if it my bad knot tying or the line.

Which is the best line to use for a leader? And best manufacturer

Thanks in advance


I generally use maxima for leaders. Different diametre depending on what or where i am fishing.... If you say leader to hook let's look at the first part of your question... Your leader doesnt go straight to your hook, that is your trace... Unless you are talking about lures?

8kg is extremely light, but i havent used kg in years just diametre. I moved away from the clinch knot years ago for the same reasons. I use a 3 turn uni knot for everything. U basically end up with a "hangman's noose", with the tag end lying flat against the line. When I tie a leader to braid, i use the exact same knot, on thinner nylon i use 4 turns and on the braid side between 7 and 10 turns.

Once you get the hang of this knot i can tie it very vast even standing on reefs in rough water.

So if we are talking about leaders:
.45/50 leader on my 20lb braid
.60/75 leader on my 50lb braid when fishing sand or reef but only smaller reef species
.75/90 leader on my 50lb and 80lb when fishing reef.

Triplefish makes a coated or very hard mono leader, not their fluro one. It is in some of the Sportsmans warehouse, don't know if one can still find it. I fish the .75 on any of my heavier gear, and have fished very nasty Southern Cape areas, and landed a decent fish here and there. I don't use it all the time as I havent seen it around and only have a little bit left, but I have on occasion fished Gouritz for a week with the same leader I arrived with. I sometimes up it to the .80, and use the .75 as trace line especially if fishing for crackers.

With all knots, you need to add the lubrication when pulling tight, and do it slowly, keeping the knot neat. I have found the times when i test and snap off usually one of the coils of the knot did not line up next to eachother but over one of the others.
What Martin said...

Otherwise, double X is good leader line, or my go to general leader line for most fishing is Perline.. Practice your knots though and learn to tie them properly. A well tied "weak" knot is stronger than a not well tied "strong" knot, practice makes perfect. Tie different knots and test them against each other, tie one of each to each end of a line and pull see which reliably breaks first and don't use that knot. The knot that you tie best is the best knot, the one that you are practiced in and can tie without messing it up, burning your line in the cinch down or etc. 3 turn uni also my go to knot, and an Eastern Cape variation on that as well, that comes from the Hills, the yellowtail royalty in SA, where a fourth loop is made that goes back through the eye of the hook or swivel etc. before going back through all the loops, and cinching. That is even stronger with more shock resistance. But otherwise, what Martin said...


Tying the Uni if you are not used to it can be a bit counter intuitive, but once you get used to, it really is the best I have used. This Uni Knot demo is a good one.

For circle hooks, I Snelll them. There are two methods. The first I use for inedibles with nylon coated wire, and the second is a uni knot version I use with nylon for edibles.

For sinkers I make a loop with a figure 8 knot. It is really quick and doesn't need to be super strong, as rather the sinker breaks off than the rig snapping somewhere else.