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Hi Everyone,

i Recently joined Sealine out of desperation haha.

Background: I moved down from Johannesburg 3 years ago where the fishing was awesome. I have been catching bass since i could hold a rod, however in the process of moving i sold all my equipment.

The bass bug has however bit me again about a year ago so i purchased new equipment in the attempt to start my fishing journey in cape town. i live in sunningdale and did some research the closest place i could find was hillcrest which is rather dull by all fishing expectations the bass have been caught so much they offer no fight when you hook up. same goes for Lebonheur croc farm

the past weekend i decided to try find some decent fishing (bank angling and fly fishing) however all the dams we went to have been fenced off or fishing banned and we were turned away

-bergriver dam
-numerous private dams which we made conact with owners to try get access

we ended up driving around for 12 hours with no success we only managed to get lines wet up the eersteriver for trout, which were no where to be found
theewater which wasn't ideal for bank angling
and nuweberg dam which seemed baron so we did not spend too much time there as was unsure if it held fish as there was no sign of life

it is really disheartening as i am passionate about bass angling, i used to spend every weekend on a float-tube catching lunkers over 4kg in gauteng.
The struggle is real to find a decent location and everyone seems so secretive and unwilling to help in fear of someone ruining their fishing spot (including the fishing shops)

can someone please help me out where i can do to catch a decent wild bass(im not to fond of the farms)? currently i am bound to bank angling but i will buy a float tube if necessary!


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