Aviation Rules for kites and drones


I am sure there are rules for the Drone operator, however difficult to enforce and police.

The Kite I don't believe there exist any rules to my knowledge.


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Yesterday one of my friends had his kite out about 500m and a police helicopter that was doing patrol on the coast line ordered him to take it down or be jailed, they even send a vehicle to make sure he takes it down.

I have done kite fishing in the same spot with no trouble, hence my question.
Will see if I can get any info from our airport.
At 500m you are surely in the danger zone of airplanes. That’s always been illegal, the legal height used to be 120m I believe, but that has changed unless you have a license. There are strict UAV rules for drone pilots and you can google them. As long as you fly low 30-50m you should be ok for hobby use though. 500m is crazy.


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The kite was 500m from shore, wil never put a kite up that high for fishing.I have contact someone at CAMU/ATNS and they have send me the regulations.


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rc models are regulated by SAAMA
South African Aero Modelers Association

I understand that drones are now not allowed to be flown at St Lucia due to Rhino poachers...eisch.

And the sad thing is, a guy, who sat in a wheel chair on st lucia beech, has a drone, he used it to fly out his bait.
he managed a smallish hammer head shark.

when parkies observed him fishing this way, he was stopped.
huhh? really?

wtf? he has no legs!!!

I am sure that he could get a special permit, if they refuse him, he should try other steps.

this is just pure bull ******

In any case, enforcing these laws are a problem.


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I use one of Mullers kites (http://mullerskitefishing.com/) when winds are favourable on the west coast near Cape Town. I have 500m of line but limit the hight to 100m - 150m with a weighted float dropper line suspended from the kite, if you dont do that your kite goes straight up and the bait lands closer than you can cast.

There is an airport nearby with gyrocopters that come really low over the water, no way they will be able to see the kite. I going to contrive some sort of shiny ribbon/flag system (space blanket cut into streamers) to draw their attention.


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Yip that was me with the wheels, did managed to go out again with Drone at St Lucia, this time made sure to only fly out making sure I bother no one and no one close to me, PARKIES did not bother me this time ..I think when going out you need to be just out of everyone's way, and by the way caught in June a 35kg Zambezi, 45kg Blacktip, nice pompano, and in August I caught a 15KG Prodicalson and then a 105Kg Blacktip...Parkies did saw the drone(one the land) maybe the wheels did help me these times...The best will be to finally get special fishing license's for drone fishing from shore for everyone. Most places in KZN is in any case no fly zones for drones ;):cool: As jy wil vis dan maak jy n plan!!