Assassin Aurora Soft Plastics 9ft XH


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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has the Assassin Aurora Soft Plastics rod and what other lures you've been using with it. I have the 9ft xh and it's so awesome. Rated 15 - 60g. Super light with plenty decent backbone. I've paired it with a Shimano NASCI c5000xg and JDB extreme 20lb. My plan was to get a slightly lighter setup than my 1-4oz plug and spoon setup but something rated a bit heavier than the light and ultralight stuff I have.

Used it yesterday for the first time and it casts a 1/2 oz halco outcast (little metal thing that wiggles) just under 100m. I think I might have hit a tug in Durban harbor 😂

I switched to a half oz jighead and 5 "Mcarthy jerk minnow and he flew very well too. Tried the CID Sprat 1oz and I was shocked. It just kept getting better lol. I purchased a few 45g Shiversticks and a Rapala long cast shallow but they were a bit big for the harbor. Saving them for the surf. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or recommendations on other lures that would be good to use with the setup.



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