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Permission obtained from Emperor to place this post.

I am on my way to Angola again. Dates 2018/05/26 to 2018/06/07. It may seem to early, but a lot of planning goes into something like this.

I am leaving with one vehicle and 4 fishing friends. I have decided to invite another group to come along as a backup vehicle. Although we will always be together and fish together and stay together, each group will handle it's own budget and have its own leader. We can manage the trip together by way of group consensus.

Everything else can be done together. All my bookings have been done well in advance thus the other group will then just slot in without the risk of disappointment of availability of space etc.

You are welcome to pm me or send an email to I will then give you my cell number.

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dis baie goed ou maat.

bly vir jou part, dalk eerder dionbk vir n derde span!!!

nou dat julle weet hoe om dinge te doen weet ek die trip gaan beter wees as die vorigfe een.

vir die wat nie weet nie......kyk gou hier: