Alternative Barbel Bait?


hi grotska.. never caught a fw barbel before so can't comment on it, also never used soap before to target any other fw species.

but by oom simens and eugene posts it does work ::tight:


It was more vundu that preferred soap to our cats but think that todays soaps are not ideal... Back in the day the soaps were made from animal fats. Todays soaps are loaded with chemicals.
I've had traditional soap made with fat and lye specifically for barbel and it was a waste of time and money.

At bloemhof my first choice would be a roepstok with pumpkin seed and my second choice would be a carp head. Third choice is earth worms. There are plenty of tsotsies in bloemhof that sell worms outside the tackle shops, but check that there are actually worms in the soil, because they will try and rip you off, especially if they see you are not a local.

I've tried chicken hearts and livers and found that it's very unpredictable and you usually catch all the small barbels.


I can't say I'm experienced in barbel fishing, but growing up I caught lots of small cats with blue soap. Wouldn't know if it was different to the soap you find today, all I know is it worked well. I wouldn't bother with it if I was aiming for a trophy fish though, I think you need big baits for those.

I've never had an opportunity to fish a water that holds big cats, but I like reading the barbel section here and the general consensus from the guys that know their stuff is fish heads are best for the big girls.
Grotska, since it's your first time going to Bloemhof make sure you are prepared for the sun, wind and heat. Take a proper gazebo with you and try to avoid those crappy "instant" ones that fold up, because when the wind picks up it will be ripped to pieces.

There are mangled gazebo frames scattered everywhere around Bloemhof and I've seen many of my neighbors pack up after a sand storm because their tents were blown to shreds.

Connect to one of the weather stations on the Weather Underground website that are close to the dam and check the forecast a few days before you leave. Don't worry about rain, it doesn't rain around here anymore, just check the wind!


Grotska wrote:
Bake dankie vir die foto's IWyk! Is dit die aas wat u gebruik het om die 31kg baber te vang? Is die derms aan die hart vasgemaak met garing?

@Flippy I am completely blown away about the soap! That is insane! Have you tried using soap as bait before yourself?

I'm surprised by these cats appetites! From fish head to livers to hearts to soap! What next lol!

Thank you for the input guys!
Nee dis nie die aas wat ek gebruik het op die groot menere, wat ons al gevang het nie. Gebruik dit net as ek nie my voorkuer aas in die hande kan kry nie.

Ja die derms word sommer met gewone see visvang garing vasgemaak(nie nodig vir ghost cotton nie), hulle is nie vol fiemies met aas vat nie.


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DOnt forget the WORMS...Worms have always got me a fish. Never blanked ever with a worm...Put a few on the hook and you will get a fish


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Hi Grotska

Have you already gone on the trip?
if so how was it? how was the water level???

we are going on our next Sandveld Trip Next weekend.