Air pressure bait launcher.

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Hi all. Is my bait cannon illegal according to this act below? Seems very vague. Can be interpreted a few ways. Can somebody in the know please confirm. Thanks in advance.Screenshot_20230829_211537.jpg
I guess would come down to how well one can argue how "manually" you are operating the device. That seems to be what the law hinges on, nothing is meantioned in law about motorized devices, which a bait launcher is not. And it is as manual as kite fishing, or trolling a rapala gets, so I would guess that it is legal. Though it is HIGHLY dangerous so be careful, I've seen some horror stories and missing limbs and seen some chunks of meat and bone formerly known as arms and hands etc..


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A few weeks ago i was trying my luck at Winkelspruit for an hour or two from the beach. To my surprise and shock and just as it was getting dark a drone came flying over me from behind me from the top of the dunes carrying big baits into the see for about a km.
So. so sad.
Thanks for the above notice. Next time i will know what to do🙏🏻👍


Please take notice that the document herein above is styled as a Notice and is just that.

The matter is currently being litigated by the stakeholders within the industry and is currently pending before the Supreme Court of Appeal.
So is kite angling then also illegal?
Its up to them to prove that kite angling or a pressurized cannon which assists in placing the bait is not legal.
Its the frustration with the paperwork should they decide to take matters further.
we know drones are completely out. but the above methods should not be a concern.
but note, we live in south africa, where they make their own laws.