Accidental ignores

Jakes 10

Hi Admins

I have a slight problem. I tend to hit the ignore button quite a lot by accident. This of course happens while scrolling on the phone.

Would it maybe be possible to add a confirmation window that comes up to ask if you are sure you want to ignore this person?


Jakes 10

Wel Armand ek hoop so. Ek geniet nogal die site man. Dis hartseer dat hy so stil raak.

Simon, not quite gatvol yet...looi



Lyk's vir my daar is nie meer admin'ne nie :shock:

Die Admin ouens is awol :shock:

ons sal sommer moet Admin, tussen tyd.



Nee hulle is nog hier. Coding word nie hier gedoen nie en hierdie aspek is coding wat deur die Host gedoen moet word en is nie net 'n click en drag fix.

Also cost vs actual issue on the matter. First ever report of this problem so? Pay for a coding fix for 1 person experiencing this problem with his/her phone (reported)?