A bit of advice


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Hi Guys

I've been meaning to ask since the weekend, but with all the captivating reality TV going around, I just didn't have some time.

We were booked to go to the Kruger from the 2nd of July, but unfortunately, the lockdown threw a spanner in the works. This means we had to find things to keep ourselves busy in Gauteng. One thing we did was go fishing (carp), and surprisingly the kids love it. So, I'm looking to get some new kit. I remember when I was at school, my dad and I would go carp fishing during the school holidays. Those days we used a weight, a hook, and a few mealie pips. From what I see on Youtube, that's not how it's done anymore.

So, I'm looking for some advice on what to get, what to avoid, and things to look out for. You can accept that I don't have any gear at this stage as the fishing we did last week was with old 6 and 7ft bass rods I had lying around. The idea is to get all the gear ready for the end of August. Speaking of which, a few tips on venues will also be helpful.