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That guy with the white is propably Andre Hartman alias langmoer.

He is well known for diving with the whites.

Here is a Roman at Storms River


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Mev. Spyker

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Really stunning picks, you guys are very brave. !!!!!!!:wfish


Dit lyk veeslik lekker ek wil so graag die Great White's gaan kyk maar ek moet darm in 'n hok wees.:shark:ssswim:


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The GW has been carefully "selected" as a "player", this process starts off close to the ocean bed.  The shark will not attack since it has been guided into this situation.  There was a guy attempting to, and finally did, achieve tonic immobility with the GW.


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walking on water is a myth a good friend of mine says you skrik en skrik klaar. But must say oom Andre is off his nut.