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2013 INHACA CHALLENGE RESULTS received from the Island after the Prize Giving Friday Night - excuse the cryptic manner of all but the Internet network was a problem on the Island :
Hul het nou begin...grootste dorie 16.6!
Gt 100cm
Wahoe 13.5kg boot on strike
Baracuda 6.7kg
Prodical sun 8.1kg
Bigest fis op halco 15.1 tuna
Bigest cuda 17kg
Best Juniur score 5.3 kg
4de plek 55.6 points
3de plek 57 points my cat
2de plek 77.7 boot sinegie
1ste plek 101.6 boot charlay
Game fish overall 10 plek.....73 points denmar 1
9de plek 74.5 boot on strike
8ste plek met 82.3 boot cuda champ
7de plek met 87.1 boat supremise
6de plek met 124.4 boot frisky girl
5de plek met 126.05 skum femfe
4de plek met 186.65 gon over board
3de plek met 214.6 sinirgy
2de plek met 345.7 boot sharly
1ste plek met 378.2 my cat
Calcutta R34 000 Top shot

Well done MY CAT winning the 2013 Inhaca Challenge and TOP SHOT taking the R34 000 Calcutta Prize


After reading on another fishing blog about fishing in this tournament... and loving inhaca i'm looking for the contact details for Martin and Sanet Ras from team Martini