2 Years ago i was out catching Yellowfin Tuna, we


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The boat was just idling along and my boet got up, stood on the bow and started taking a leak!

I couldn't stop myself, waited till he had a good stream going and just turned the throttle a little bit, the boat surged forward, my boet lost his footing and fell backwards into the boat - literally pissing himself soaking wet.

Anyway, injury sustained - black eye for me!
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mine was down the coast at hibberdene, me and a mate decided to go spin for shad at 4.30 in the morning when we got back from a jol...so with rod in hand and both pissed like hell we try for shad. my friend throws a spoon a mile and in no time gets 2 nice fish so i decide im going to wade across onto a big rock in the water...get onto the rock and in no time i get my fish...next thing i get hit by a wave fall and hit my head on a rock...i concust myself and got washed up on some rocks further down the beach...almost drowned and got 17 stiches in my head aswel as 5 on my left knee...laugh about it now but i did almost die that day!


Mine happened while fishing a comp on Macassar. Southeaster was howling and we were hiding behind the bakkie. There were 4 rods in the water , all with sliders out. Nice fresh mackies that was on chip ice the morning at sign-on. We were about 10 metres away from our rods and every now and again we would peek around the bakkie to see if there were any pulls. Between the bakkie and the rods were some debris washed up from the last hightide. Isaid to myself: "Self, run around the rubbish if you have to!" Inevitably, I see a pull on my rod and run towards it , jumping over the debris. In the flotsam is half a Port Jackson branch ,half buried in the sand. I could feel a bit of discomfort ,but, did not take any notice. I looked down to my foot after fighting the fish for about a minute or so and nearly crapped myself! Sticking out from between my toes is a Port Jackson branch!!!! I had jumped over/through the branch and impaled myself without knowing it. Landed a spotty of  1.89m and released it again. Filled in my weigh card and drove myself to Medi City Helderberg after pulling it out. My buddies all offered to doctor it for me with some J&B and Klipdrift on the beach. Decided against the "bushdoctor/sangoma" treatment. Three stitches and 2 injections later and a surgical glove over my foot like a sock, I drove back to Macassar and made one more throw before lines-up. 

Stick was 4cm deep into the cavity between your toes. A piece had broken off inside and the doctor reckons it was a good idea to get to hospital ASAP. If I had left it, who knows what would have happened with a 1cm piece of Macassar Port Jackson stuck in your foot??

I was the laughing stock at the weigh-in ,but, got free drinks for "medicinal purposes" LOL::S 


Brian, Shiver me timbers, arghh.

You're lucky you never got the "other" treatment.

That thing would have had leaves and roots by now.:hyst:
Other than being spiked by barbel(twice) this is my story of luck. We were at the kei river for a weekend with the family and were getting bored with the old folks at home, so we decided that us youngsters would take the barge(4.2 litre in-board, 6m skiing boat) up the river for a day of fishing and skiing. On the way up to our chosen spot(the old booze cruise hut) i decided to hop off and hitch a ride on the knee board. Anyhow, while having fun jumping and some 360's in the huge wake of the barge i tried to do a 180 in the air, I landed wrong and just saw water and felt instant pain in my upper back and left ear. The knee board had hit me. My cousin on the barge turned and roared towards me, jumping off as soon as the boat arrived. I was unable to lift my legs. Fortunately my girlfriend was a very well trained lifeguard. They took my couz's surfboard and strapped it to me to immobilise me, using the quick tight straps used for holding everything in place on the barge. From there they stayed with me in the water while my boet took the boat to find signal to call EMS. A netcare chopper was sent from east london and met my brother on the beach, from where he brought them up to us. They assessed my injuries and put me on the boat and off the the chopper. Anyways, at the hospital x-rays showed that i had crushed 3 vertibrae, thankfully surgeons sorted that out and after 12 weeks i was up and about. Oh, and i burst an eardrum. Thanks to my girl who knew wat to do i can now function normally, although i haven't gone skiing since and the boat is swapped for a more mild mannered duck.


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This is what happens when gaffing your stepbrothers 8kg+ tuna from a kayak. The tuna flicked itself onto my yak which sent this 6/0 gang hook into my shin. Not fun when the weight of the tuna hangs off your shin :? Also coming back through a good sized surf doesn't help  ;)


Halfway through pulling it out

Cheers James


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Falling on one knee cap,holding your complete kit of about 20kg on your backi,with two graphite rods.......still have the mark on my knee. i couldnt let go of my rods or they would be broken on the rocks. needless to say i will be having trouble when i am older with my knee.....


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out fishing in fish hoek on the rocks by the side walk, things were slow and boring, so we decided to start spinning instead, bait hooks chang and spoons on. things were going well and then the water started to pick, my spoon was washed into some kelp and got stuck right in front of me, not realising what speed it could travel back at me, tugging and pulling to get it loose and wave moves in and the kelp move releasing my spoon, all i felt was as if someone wrap me on the knuckles, as i look down at my hand, i check my buddy out on the other rock as he was watching what was going on, and calmy said, PROBLEM!!, the treble sunk itself into my finger, now i am married, had i had my wedding ring the ring would have saved me,so there we are on the rocks with pliers and start clipping the spoon off and then the end to pull the hook through, we could not get it out, the hook pinned itself so hard in my finger, so we packed up and left for false bay hospital, the had to make an incision to get it out. pain wise suprisingly nothing, i think it happend so fast and hard, my body never registered there was a hook in it even. almost like those guys who suspend themselves with hooks. there was no blood either


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Ek het vroeg een oggend by Hangklip gan kreef uithaal en toe ek by die rif kom , kom ek agter ek het my bier in die bakkie gelos!!:beer


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how about this
couple year ago fishing st lucia still enjoying bottled water then got my bucket on with fillet knife in the foam part of the bucket and at the wrong time decided to push the fillet knife through the bucket into my testickle thought i gave birth with the pain i doctered it with usul and never seen a doc hence the fact after number of years still no kids painfull but over chuckle on this one :fbash:fbash:fbash:fbash:fbash


eish eish and eish again.

I Think I need a tranquilliser after reading all of this very scary stuff.

It is these stories that show us how dangerous our sport is and we all have to be careful.