2 Years ago i was out catching Yellowfin Tuna, we


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tauruck wrote:
Nicos, with broken ribs all you want to is cough or sneeze, right?. Every buddy that you see wants to give you a friendly slap in the ribs. It's like they KNOW.

You have no idea - suddenly I have allergies! And in the pub last night every bugger I know walked up to me and slapped me in the ribs, even the women!

I'll be doing my drinking at home for a while :)


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tauruck wrote:
I got chowed. Took surgeons 9 hours to put my arm back together. First 3 hour op (I was conscious) to put everything back in place for the big one. 6 hours the second time and I wan't awake. Staples in my arm looked like a railway track. When it happened I could see my bones, muscles and sh!t twitching. Mommy who was a trained hairdresser and then a medical rep poured 40 Volume Peroxide into the wound. The doctor said she saved my arm because the Peroxide killed everything.
Eish! What chowed you? Sounds hectic!


My worst memory was fishing a comp 4 years ago in struis , first we got lost in the dunes taking a short cut to soetwater south of Stuisbaai , walked for about 90 minutes up and down dunes with a full kit. " take a lot of sinkers as it is foul " yeah right lost 1 sinker the whole day.Any case , get there in very cold wet conditions as see the guys getting bites on the rocks in the middle of the bay , so me think right lets try and cast there.The water was freezing and my hands too.Launch into a forced cast which turns into a jersey within mili seconds which gets hold of my thumb and cuts it open from side to side between my nail and skin , I could actually see bone.jeeeeslike I still get goose bumps thinking of it.And worst of all first cast of the day , I realed ( spel ) in pain every cast the whole day and blanked offcourse , BLIKSEM.And walked back 5km very sorry for myself.hahahahahahahahahhaha


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And that is actually a real great white (not photoshop),and in South Africa. Was in a magazine somewhere.


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I only had a small accident but that's enough for me.

I was scratching in a tackle bag trying to get a pliers out but it was stuck on something inside the bag so as pulled it loose i felt a sting in my wrist. Pulled my hand out of the bag very quickly and found a 9/0 hook stuck in my wrist past the barb so I couldn't get it out. Had to push it further in and out again to cut the barb section off. surprisingly after about 10 minutes it wasn't sore anymore and i only used 1 tissue for the bleeding. maybe i'm immortal ;)

do pescador

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a friend of mine, dorado on board went crazy, somehow this huge hook ended up in his leg. that was the easy part, removing it was another story.


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Brilliant thread guys.

My worst accident doing some carp fishing last december at Rushmere. I had the trailor about 30m from the bank but its about a 30deg hill. Sitting next to the water having my breakfast I hear a moerse sound behind me. The trailor decided its had enough of just standing there.

Now heres me with a bowl of cereal between the water and a screaming 7' trailer still half full. I jumped up and tried to get behind it and try and slow it down. We had a wet night so the surface was very slippery. I got hold of the trailer from behind and at that stage the trailer gained a lot of momentum and were pulling me after it. To my surprise the trailer came to a abrupt halt when it hit a small tree on the waters edge.

Now remember im skiing behind this venter and suddenly it stopped and I kept on travelling. I hit the corner of the trailer. Unfortunately for me my groin absorbed the majority of the impact.

Now I never knew that those parts can go purple and stay purple for more than a week. I could hardly walk for three days due to the pain. I ended up popping myprodols and hiding in my bivvy for the next couple of days.

Lesson learnt. Secure the trailer and vehicle at all times. I sometimes sit and wonder what would have happened if that trailer hit me and ran over me.


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We were launching through a relatively rough surf, I was last to jump on the boat, as I jumped on my foot landed on a treble attatched to a couta trace which was attatched to a rod, 2 prongs right in, no time to do anything except grab the long nose pliers grab the hook, and out it came, by the time we passed the backline, the blood was running out of the scuppers, we stopped washed my foot off stopped the bleeding and had a good day fishing

The worst I saw was at the Pennington Couta classic some years ago. The surf was up and this one boat launched, it did quite a few aerobatics but eventually got out. We noticed that the boat then stopped on the backline for a while, then the call came in, someone was injured, We cleared the beach and boat came back in. the boat could not hit the beach and go clear of the shorebreak so landed in the shorey. The chap had fractured 2 vertibra in his back. that was a mission to get him out of there. But it had a happy ending, the outcome could have been much more serious, if we did not have the correct equipment to handle the situation.


I don't know if this is relevant.

I know we've all had our mishaps with hooks, getting cut etc. but the harshest thing I saw was a Jack Russel who picked up a Sardine bait on the beach at Mtwalume.

He chowed the Sard and when the hook bit he took off.

Lodged in his pallet. I don't have to go into detail. Sad thing to see.

No hijack intended but if you have dogs an take them to the beach be carefull, you don't want to go through what we did.


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This is nothing compared to the stuff above but at least I’ve got a photo.


Went bass fishing with a friend and somehow his popper’s treble ended up embedded in my head.( Captain Morgan was involved...).


Fortunately, my X girlfriend’s dad was a doctor and did a good job.


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Guys, my story is more of a funny one and the ignorance of youth. Many years ago my boet and I were fishing at Clanwilliam Dam for bass. We had a small boat with 15horse motor on. I was about 12 and my boet 16. I was driving and he was sat on the bow.

The boat was just idling along and my boet got up, stood on the bow and started taking a leak!

I couldn't stop myself, waited till he had a good stream going and just turned the throttle a little bit, the boat surged forward, my boet lost his footing and fell backwards into the boat - literally pissing himself soaking wet.

Anyway, injury sustained - black eye for me!

Thinking back I still laugh at it but I could have injured him quite badly!


Mine happened when i took my dad fly fishing at rainbow trout farm it was a rainy day and the trout wasn't in the mood for anything i was throwing so i decided to go and have a look and see if anybody was catching carp in the top dam. Walked up the little incline and saw the guys pulling nice carp on fly. So i went down the incline to go and fetch my carp fly only to slip and fall with my 6ft8 130kg on my left leg breaking my leg and ankle.


I was fishing on Braam Raubenheimer dam with Ebrahim Mia (Solly's anglers Corner) and the Bass were on a feeding frenzy.

He got hung up on a stump, pulled and I ended up with a nice treble in my instep.

Good thing we had a sidecutter.

The great fishing numbed the pain.


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About 7 years ago, a few of the guys from (4 of us) work arranged a trip to the Kosi lakes. We had a good week, not too many fish as it was our first trip and Kosi takes a bit of getting used to, but we had fun. Anyway on the last afternoon before we were due to pack up and come home, we were fishing for rock salmon at the drop off where you come into second lake from 3rd lake. We had caught a few nice fish and the action on live pouters was amazing. Anyway my one make (Ernest) was using a 15cm halco redcap with some success, when he had an overwind and snapped the leader off. The lure sailed about 40m out into the lake and we could see it floating on the water. The wind was starting to get up and it was blowing the lure further away from us so I told him to jump in the duck (Mistake number 1 - Gemini 420 GRX with a 50HP tiller control Yammie) and go and fetch the halco (R150 just drifting away). He lifted the anchor (the bank we were fishing from was about 500mm deep) and jumped on the side of the boat,  started the motor and knocked it into gear. At the same time I latched into a good sized snapper and yelled to him to wait until we got the fish in the boat (this one was going to be dinner!). Anyway the boat was being pushed towards the reeds due to the strong wind and in a moment of confusion (I think he had his wrong hand on the tiller and I had used the friction lock on the tiller throttle when we crossed the lake due to the rough water and left it on - mistake number 2) he open the throttle instead of closing it and the boat took off like a rocket. He fell off the pontoon (mistake number 3 - he did not have the kill strap fixed on his wrist) and the boat almost ran over one of our other mates who had to dive out of the way as it roared off into 2nd lake without a person on board. We all just stood there in shock. There goes our ride home together with the car keys careering off into second lake making wide circles running at about 35km/h. Stranded!! After much cussing and stressing we watched the boat making wide turns almost flipping over when it turned into the gusting wind, making its way across to the other side of the lake and right into the path of the numerous fish traps. Ernest decided he was going to walk/run around the right side of the lake to where he anticipated the boat would run aground. He got about 800m before he ran into hippos and made a quick return to where we were standing. I waded about 600m down the left side of the lake to where I had spotted another boat fishing and asked them for assistance. the fact was we could not go near the unmanned boat for risk of causing a collision. It was just too risky. Anyway the guy put me on his little 2 man skiff (basically a surf board with a 30HP motor that was only running on what seemed like one cylinder) and off we went to follow my duck at a distance. To our luck, when the boat hit shallow water on the other side of the lake (we could see it form a distance), it pulled the motor straight and the boat shot right between and past the fish traps and into the wall of reeds that line the shore there. We got the best fix we could and putted towards the other side of the lake to look for the boat. Once we got there, the wall of reeds was impenetrable and we could not see where the boat had gone in. We patrolled up and down the reed line looking for damaged reeds. I climbed off in to the shallow water and walked into the reeds where I though the boat had gone in. The wind by this time was howling and the reeds were making a lot of noise (rustling). I pushed about 30m in towards the bank and was suddenly in a clearing with big footprints in the bottom. Hippo Path!! I did a quick about turn and almost walked on the water back to the skiff even though I did not see any hippo. We drove up and down the reed line for about 5 mins until I eventually heard a faint motor noise over the wind and reeds. I again climed off and pushed into the reed bed. There was no sign at all that anything had hit the reeds. I pushed in about 25m and lo and behold there was my trusty Gemini with the motor still running (right side up) which a huge ball of reeds tangled around the prop. I climbed on, the deck was full of hooks as the tackle boxes had fallen and opened up. It took me about 5 mins to cut the reeds off of the prop and g/box and about another 10mins to barge my way out of the reeds. I drove back slowly to where my colleages were eagerly awaiting my return. Not a scratch on the boat! Pure luck. Anyway we thanked the guys for helping us and packed up and went back to camp. The ordeal lasted about an hour and a half and was extremely stressfull. Our gratitude was to the gents who asisted us whose names I can't remember any more. Anyway a long story with many lessons to be learnt, that could have ended up really bad. One thing for sure Ernest will never drive my boat again even though we have been fishing together for over 8 years.::titanic:


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Launching out of the Swartkops river mouth, with a size swell.

I turned twice and when i gapped it over the bank, one of those ones that would make the Hawaiien pipeline proud, stood up and i had to take it.

I went through the middle and I lost my cap, taken off by the water.  Hardly any water landed in the boat.

As I braced myself for the impact, I stood on the one tackle box, which had fallen off its mounting place and tore my ligaments in my ankle.

The pics are two days later.


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