2 Years ago i was out catching Yellowfin Tuna, we


2 Years ago i was out catching Yellowfin Tuna, we were in a school of very big fish and i got my hand caught in a overwind with a 50kg + tuna on the end and had to have part of my finger amputated. The skipper poured Friars balsam on the wound that did not help matters iether!!


Busy bait fishing for Yellowfin, bait drifted to the surface and by accident i disengaged the rachet before putting the reel in gear, and as that happened a big yellowfin grabbed the bait and took off like a bat outta hell (like they always do) my hand was on the faceplate of the reel when it happened and the overwind pulled my hand into the reel, i am lucky to have only lost one finger and not a whole hand. The skipper poured Friars balsam onto the stump and that cauterised everything, so they were unable to reattach the finger..... and we were a couple of hours from shore too!
Buddy you gotta post pictures off this ripped finger! I got someone here on sealine who wants to test his cooler box with his 2 left thumbs in it.. Some pictures with illustrations should help him along his way..

Btw did u get the cut off piece off finger back or was it used for chum?


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Dorado, finally we get to know why u only use hand lines to catch those monsters u post, good choice mate :kaykak


Dodo that is HECTIC boet..... I think alot of people don't realise just how quickly and easily these things can happen, especially a long way offshore, and dealing with heavy tackle and big fish... as you said, you are lucky you didn't lose a whole hand.....



My boet got chowed by a est 180kilo raggie......on the right arm while tailing it......nearly bled to death. a 1/2 hour walk to the car and 1 hour to the nearest hospital.


Ha ha, na the piece of finger stayed on so not used for chum, but i heard about a guy that lost a finger in the same way a while back off cape point and it fell into the water and they saw a yellowfin swallow it!

As for that raggie bite...... it must have been one hell of a wound!

A couple of years ago i prodded quite a big Mako shark with one of my boots on the deck of a surface longliner and the bugger grabbed the tip of my boot, thank goodness i had steel caps on..... the guys had to use a crowbar to get my boot out of its jaws.


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D75-So you couldnt overcome that irreseistible urge to just give it a nudge could you LOL !!!!!!You could have ended up like that aussie pal!!


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Noweeds, where did your boet get bitten.......b the way, my nephew got bitten on his calf and foot by a rggie hilst swimming at Haga over december......


And my soppy story was at Bazaruto in September 2001.

Fighting Kawa Kawa (Bonnies) from the boat on fly. We were 4 on simultaneously, and with 4 fish going in different directions, climbing under/over/around the other 3 flyfisherman - CHAOS, I managed to slip on the wet deck and landed on the deck gunwale and cracked 3 ribs under my left armpit. F#@$ing painful. Landed the fish, released it and went on to catch 4 more before the pain got too bad (and then I would whine and whinge as is normal with such an injury.)

As I recall, the 2 hr trip back to the lodge in lumpy sea must remain as the most painful experience I have ever had.

This was day 2 of a 12 day trip, and fortunately my family doctor (serious salty fly-fisherman)was on the trip with us.

Every morning, esteemed family doctor would dispense my painkiller shot in my butt to great mirth of everyone else (Became the daily Bazaruto Lodge morning spectacle)and for 5 or 6 hours all would be well....and then the pain would kick-in. Thereafter, comfort was sought from a healthy supply of Dos M.

I still get the occasional twinge in the ribcage......and it is still prone to injury.



Was trawling Y-tail off Cape Point and was "ON DAD" got the fish onboard.. as I bent down to get the spinner from its mouth,it kicked and spat it out... the spinner ending up in my cheek..got the fish in the box after a moerse klap on the head..and out comes the the pliers and yes the good old friers balsem... good old skipper Dave a mate of mine say's "well theres only one way to get it out buddy" and I knew I was in for some serious pain... I looked at him and said..just do it the fish are biteing.. He pushed the hook through my cheeck and out the other side,SH1T the pain I can still feel...cut of the point of the hook and poured friers..on the other side...well hook out fish in box with a headache of his own ..and me in pain...the fishing went on....


Wayne..... i have seen many a hook in guys faces and hands while i was still catching snoek for a living!
One day outside sandy bay one of the guys had his snoek taken by a seal, the line was pretty tight on the surface and the line had a small marble size ball sinker on, the line snapped under a lot of stretch and the line shot back and the sinker hot my old man just under his lip, it went straight through his lip and broke one of his teeth behind it!

Royboy...... i was fighting a Yellowfin on a spinning rod a few years back and the rod butt slipped out of the rod bucket and hit me in the guts, it pretty much winded me...... the next morning i could barely get out of bed, went to the doc and after a few xrays i was told that i had broken 2 ribs, i did land the fish at least!!


Happened to me alst week thursday 2nd day of nationals ,

Wading in to about waist height - tide kickin in , waves are comin in rapid successtion ... tell my self after next wave ,
Gooi papa .. mistakenly close the release lever on teh sl50 ...FFS ... Load it & then EEEiina ..

Lead not through thumb ...i could check teh bone & it was 10h00 ,

I got out the MethELYTED SPIRITS , burned it and continued ,

Had to go to Dr's ...he lanced it , cleaned it ,,,, now it's getting better

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Mine is not as bad as any of yours , but it took along time before i got the guts to cast with a pen reel again

On DBN North pier , casting into the channel. Trying to be a macho kid(17 years old)and cast long ,sinker to heavy , reels tension not correct...line snapped .....one overwind...one missing thumb nail...sinker did hit south pier though

Still cringe when I think abaout it


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How to put a gaff thru the palm of your hand (ver1.1)

Step 1. Gaff +- 70kg yf behind the head

Step 2. Whilst waiting for 2nd gaff, hold kicking fish against boat side with gaff, using right hand only.

Step 3. Ignore the fact that 2nd gaffman is a F"£!%ing amateur, and can't seem to get the gaff into now very angry yf!

Step 4. Whilst cursing 2nd gaffman, completely disregard (or fail to see) rather large and hungry mako approaching at 400km/h

Final step......... as weight is released on gaff, due to the fact that yf is bitten off just behind the head, and shark has not been observed, try not to act surprised when right hand holding gaff shoots up and gaff impales left hand between thumb and forefinger!

Conclusion, as you are now injured, store 2nd gaffmans tardiness in memory, and when fully recovered, force him to repeatedly check fuel levels in ski boat in rough weather, as he approaches "green" status, strike him firmly (but not hard) in the stomach region, and remove yourself at speed! Then inform him that it had nothing to do with the gaff in your hand, but everything to do with misgaffing your personal best yf! (If still upset, you are perfectly within your rights to strike him repeatedly at any time without warning for a period of up to, but not including 59 years!!!) 


i think im lucky my worst was while in shelly and some twit on the boat drop a try full of trebels while launching and i was right in front steering the bow through the surf and when i boarded i jumped onto the boat right onto a trebel that was nice and upright, the boom plus all three tip went in so deep that all one could was three little steel lines popping out the bottom, luckly we were still in the surf and could turn the boat around took 3 years for me to regain feeling in my big toe you know how hard it is to balance with a num big toe, hehehehe, luckly its nowhere as bad as what you guys have had