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    Otter Trail

    No, it is Africa's oldest Marine Reserve....You can see shoals of yellowtail sometimes and other gamefish along the walk, there are designated areas where fishing is allowed but that is only for locals that stay there, with permits, with reduced amount and size limits and slot limits in place...
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    Fish/Minnow traps

    Depends on the laws of the estuaries...In rivers I don't think its least not for local species..For invasive species, which will be most of what you'll catch, one could argue that ones removing them but don't quote me, I'm not a lawyer and it's not legal advice...You are not allowed to...
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    Marauder style lure

    I'm sure it will work... When the tuna are on the surface chowing, you don't need much..and a popper is the gold standard, but they'll eat anything making a flash or a splash and moving fast...I've had fun before on my yellowtail rod, taken the hooks off a white plug with no eyes (which is as...
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    Spots near Table view.

    Yeah aside from some sharks and coldwater rays, when the waters 12 where I most often fish, we go drink beer or get some work done.
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    Spots near Table view.

    Yeah 12 is chilly...Only a steenie would be swimming around in that, and some reef sharks and a hottentot maybe. Wait for a west to blow in some warmer water and it might surprise you. Though my west coast fishing experience is just a bunch of blanks and some fish in langebaan and berg mouth...
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    Budget Baitcaster Reels (2024)

    I have a cheaper quantum that I am very happy with, the "invade"..
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    Amount of line on reel needed for shark fishing

    Can't seem to edit in the new forum software, but...yeah, you hook a 30kg plus Spotted Gully Shark, they get up to 50 kg...but you hook one of those big ones and you will know all about it..They pull like anything..You will swear you hooked a dogtooth tuna between the bricks hahahah and they...
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    Amount of line on reel needed for shark fishing

    LOL I mean, I've pulled fish...but I've hooked gully sharks in the tsitsikamma, there's a resident monster in Eerste River among the reefs, that are not mean't to be landed..LOL..I've had my exage 110H feel like a piece of pap bamboo and been knitted up so bad in the rocks by that guy pulling...
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    Best mono / fluro line manufacturer

    What Martin said... Otherwise, double X is good leader line, or my go to general leader line for most fishing is Perline.. Practice your knots though and learn to tie them properly. A well tied "weak" knot is stronger than a not well tied "strong" knot, practice makes perfect. Tie different...
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    update on Mdumbi area fishing

    That time of year gamefish should be around, leerie, yellowtail, eastern little tuna, katonkel off the point on spoon and plug, as well cob and large elf around and good cracker. And the river always holds surprises..I've even caught electric ray in there on rapala LOL..Enjoy yourself and put...
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    Prawn pump

    Got some pictures bud?
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    White metal.

    Whereabouts are you?
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    PE popping and stickbait rods

    Id recommend putting hooks on for catching larger pelagics...LOL..No sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    Melkbosstrand Kayak Fishing (Are there actually fish?)

    Lots of south easts this year, el nino..whats your water temperature that you are fishing in? Fish don't stay in one spot unless they are resident reef species. Fish follow their water, or bait, normally both...Me thinks you might be fishing in the gin clear freezing cold west coast summer water...
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    Spots near Table view.

    Feel your water temps...the SE been blowing a lot this summer, if you are throwing into ice water...steenies pretty much..
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    Fg mono to mono

    Sure, may be as strong as the others...But I can tie a fig 8 to fig 8 in the dark in a minute with no stress...FG, not so much.
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    Bass stock You can try them? Though with bass there are permits and all involved, the Authorities don't allow random stockings.
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    PE kayak advice for a newbie

    PE is frequented by the man the in grey suit..LOL its part of the game in those parts. Do some trips to sea with some guys out Noordhoek on a boat, go beg and scrub decks whatever it takes... to get an idea on bottom fishing, spinning and trolling etc.. what gear is needed for the fish you get...
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    Vermaaklikheid/Duiwenhoks Estuary Fishing

    Follow the brown water...the clear water will waste your time, bring a canoe...The fishing off the rocks in the surf, is very hungry on tackle but I've caught all sorts of species and old fish too so put back big pens en derms and gallies and crackers etc to keep the stocks good. Some very old...