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WOW What a trip !!

We got there at about 14:00 on Friday and immediately got our swim going and at 15:00 we had all our lines in - the weather still holding. Pitched the camp and had a nice cold one. Now the wait started !

At 20:00 Ernst had his first run - we were so full of adrenaline and he was not able to bank the fish - weathert still holding. At 23:00 we all decided to call it a night and went to bed. At 03:30 an alrm starts sreaming - all 3 of us jumped up - negotiated the obsticles in the compound and found Ernst's line stripping from the reel - This one he banked and landed a 8kg common caught on 18mm Peach Boilie - weather holding:

Then it all went quiet - VERY quiet. We decided to flyfish for some bass while we waited for our big carp lines to hook into someting. We landed qute a few during the morning 8 to in total with the biggest being 600g. - again caught by Ernst - it seemd that he brought along his "fish fingers" this weekend:

Tehn at last I got my fisrt run and banked a 4.90kg - not big but at least I got something - this run happend at about 16:00 that afternoon - weather still holding:

Brian landed the next fish at 19:00 - a 7.90kg common straight out of the "G-spot" - weather stil holding:

Then the fun started - It started pouring - thunder and lightning - we started gathering material to build an Ark !! AND the FISH started picking up tempo !!!

Ernst caught s 5kg:

I broke my previous PB of 9.20kg with this 9.90kg:

Brian caught another common of 6.50kg:

Ernst again climed into an 8.10kg common:

Then it Happen - I broke my PB again which was now standing on 9.90kg with this 11.10kg common:

Weighing the fish:

All in al a BRILLIANT Session - fun a games and moments I will never forget - Brian fighting his fish from under the Gazebo, Ernst and myself fighting fish sitting on the ground pulling sideways and angling the rods 30cm of the ground, the chaos but most of all the NIGHT OF THE PB's !!

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Lovely Report Jacques.

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Nice one boet......

Keep them comming.......

For those of you that are fair weather fishermen - fishing in bad weather condtions pay off - beats suiping and babberaas.

Well done:woohoo