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Your Highness King EMPEROR,

Please if possible would you kindly consider creating subsection under this i.e. CARP, Bass, Trout, Yellowfishes, Barbel Tiger and Other fish.

The reason why is that when every freshie posts his report it might get lost in the lake and it wouldn't be easy to find, say I'm looking to see where and how the trout-fishing is going, the reports that only addresses trout fishing.  Now I also understand that it might not be possible to cater for all the freshwater species, but perhaps you could cater for the most active species, i.e as mentioned before?

Your kind considferation would be appreciated!  Thanking you eternally very much for the great place and family that we can all be part of, keep up the hard and good work, it doesn't go un-noticed!

Please, if you can? delete this request once you've read it as I wouldn't want it to congest the report section later on!



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