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Hi All,

I have decided to reward myself and finally buy a real fishing ski. I have been fishing off a plastic (only next to the nets of Durban) for a few years now and realized I need an upgrade seeing as I fell in love with the sport quite quickly.

I am a bit fed up with the lack of speed on the water and no rudder control at all...:lol:1

I don't need the best of the best but am definitely looking for something agile.I am also not trying to break the bank completely.

I had a look at the Stealth Supalight but I am scared that it wont be as "nippy" as I would like it to be?

My specs:
I am a reasonably small guy.
1.6m tall
60 kg
I am not horribly concerned about stability as I have pretty good balance on the kayaks....but it never hurts.

I would love to hear the opinion of you seasoned guys out there.
Appreciate your advice!

Tight Lines!


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Sounds like you are in Durban. Get in touch with the various manufacturers in the area, have a chat to them about your requirements and see if any have demo ski's available for you to try. This way you get to see what's available, what's new, who's innovating and which would meet your requirements. If you are looking to buy 2nd hand then I would go with a Stealth Supalite or even an Evo. At your weight give the BFS a miss. At the time the Evo and Supalite/Whahoo were made they were the gold standard, but the new kayaks have features that meet today's requirements. If you are stable and looking for speed then one of the Profisha's might blow your hair back. They all come up regularly on Gumtree etc.but the key here is to try before you buy. Look out for kayaks that have been resprayed or patched. Stealth may be able to point you to someone who is trading one in.

As you can tell I am a Stealth fanboy especially when comparing the offerings of 5 years ago but there are other great boats available today with some very nice features being incorporated into the new models, look around and make up your own mind. I bought a Profisha 575 after trading up from a BFS and the feature that sealed the deal was the live bait well, not really available elsewhere at the time.


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I have the legend trident.(plastic)with rudder.

Have a look on the net and let me know if you might be interested.