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Petition against shark-longlining in SA  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon May 4th, 2020 12:14 pm
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Dr halibut hoffman

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I am sure many of our members would be interested in this. Many are recreational shark anglers and also surfers etc. and even commercials.
I have been witness to this fishery over the years and personally do not agree with it. The danger to surfing is debatable but they regularly set lines in bays and outside points which are famous international surf spots which may or may not be a good thing for the surfers..The fact that the fishery is unsustainable is not debatable and most of the target species are slow to mature and low fecundity (have few young each season). Most of their target species are also targeted by recreational fishermen for catch and release and some by line fishermen for market. I have seen them set at night on inshore cob and geelbek marks many a time when they fish are on the bite but that is all speculation as to what they are up to, they may be catching their intended quarry, they may not be..fisherfolk where I fish, commercial and recreational do not approve of the fishery. Anyways..
If anyone else is interested here is the petition..
More information..

Please watch the above video. As I have been warning, thank God, slot limits are coming..the fisheries is currently under overhaul, science is coming to our fisheries management! Yihaaa!
What is it about boats that are bust poaching elsewhere go dissappear in the eastern cape to carry on plundering? The white rose is not the only culprit caught recently and many times in the past poaching and fishing in marine reserves and 2 months later they are right back at it?? Something fishy in E Cape commercials?

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