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What sinkers to keep.  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Feb 5th, 2020 06:55 am
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Guys, I want to keep on hand the following sinkers from 1 to 5 oz for scratching.

Wire grapnel sinkers for sand.
Penguin or pear shape for reefs.

Sinkers very heavy and expensive, any suggestions on the type and quantity you keep on hand.

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 Posted: Wed Feb 5th, 2020 07:21 am
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How many you keep in stock depends on how deep your wallet goes...

I carry on an outing the following and target specie hunt dependant.

Surf hunt 5 sinkers as you seldom loose them unless you have a cast snap off.I dont' like carrying unnecessary load. Only what i need.

Reef hunting 15 sinkers as you are more likely to get stuck and loose your terminal tackle.

That also depends on how many hours you intend fishing.

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 Posted: Wed Feb 5th, 2020 10:15 am
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Dr halibut hoffman

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depends on what rods you scratching with..I just take my 4-5oz rod and will grab 4 or 5 sinkers for a session..sometimes I come with all back sometimes not..string above sinker really helps in the rocks as weedeater grapnel I find, after loosing one or 2 of those though its back onto cheaper ones..Chain, old heavy one, and cut rebar also works cheap..

You not going to take with rods on a scratching trap that are going to fish 1-5 oz? Just keep a stash and take withwhat you need. Springlows are great to go restock the stash in heavily fished and rocky areas..Also mates dive out huge amounts of sinkers.

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