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 Posted: Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 01:00 pm
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Joined: Wed Oct 11th, 2017
Location: WHITERIVER, South Africa
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Equipment: UHMMMM
Best Catch: 19 kg couta SHAD 4KG&6.5 kg Dorado
Favorite Fishing Spot: Bazley. Milli
Boat: 2 × Pinacle elite ski
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Gee wizz,,,cant we just bunk work for a couple of days and go paddle a bit,,,,maybe hatch one or two for the braai aswell?? anyone have any updates on current situation at Milli?


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 Posted: Wed Oct 9th, 2019 06:56 am
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Joined: Sat Aug 9th, 2014
Location: Matola, Mozambique
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Favorite Fishing Spot: Mozambique
Boat: Stealth pro Fisha 475
Eish you are waking feelings

12 Oct 2018 was the last unsuccessful Launch at Mili where after I decided to see the Kwak and 16 Oct 2018 had the triple bypass.

Had a one day out at Pomene April 2019 and that was the last Kayak trip out

Gathering dust now..

Mili ??? they apparently will keep 6 camping sites open.

But Ponta Dobella and Membene is open for camping.
There is less than what there was at Mili 10 years ago

We must get the White River clan and make a manne long weekend

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