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Rainier: Really  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Fri Nov 23rd, 2018 09:16 am
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Riley: automation-blog Yeah, that appeared to be different. And so languages like Python here, you recognize, at PyCon work really well and I'm sure that’s why it’s become among the list of dominant languages in bioinformatics pertaining to everything but those truly, those like two or perhaps three function calls that just usually takes literally a week to execute. And in which case then it’s supposed to be about the sort of high-performance scientific computing stack. And which means you get into some seriously interesting areas. I say other thing that’s quite different is, you know, financial services really give attention to time series data. We give attention to strings. Right? Strings are among the list of big data types in bioinformatics while I was at a talk about, you know, all that nitty-gritty details around Unicode plus ASCII. So, code things and all. Yeah it’s of that ranking kind of stuff comes up. You know, nema 23 stepper motor how you have for you to normalize these things and then search through them economically. So, that comes up a great deal as well as 3D-geometry whenever they do protein structural biology, that’s one more quite distinctive point.

Rainier: Consequently let’s, let’s switch gears for just a bit. Talk about your immediate future I guess. I speculate, I think everything you’re talking about is pretty like, internal bleeding edge. But what on earth do you think is the most probable existential threat experiencing us today, and what do you consider that students or the younger generation now should pursue or advocate so that they can mitigate that risk?

Riley: You recognize, if you had questioned me that question in 2009 I would have explained “climate change” or “food security”. I actually think at this time it is fake news which sort of general allergic reaction we appear to have the facts and the truth. And in fact that actually even with all this amazing work in AI, AIs can’t actually detect truth from fiction very efficiently and show you the veracity of your statement. And you realize, we see this naturally in the news and you know Facebook posts and such thinggs as that for political explanations. But actually in science it’s also an important problem. The number of retractions continues to visit up. There is your reproducibility crisis.

Rainier: I became gonna bring cheap stepper motor that way up!

Riley: The ability to actually validate other people’s studies and reproduce them it’s growing to be harder not easier. And There's no doubt that we are — this is a good area for software and people who have a background in computer software to tackle those problems. And that’s something without doubt that young people today are likely to have to grow up with and overcome. And I actually think adolescents are very well placed to complete so. These “digital natives”, as we move into the workforce, right, are gonna have a really big impact because we've got grown up with every one of these tools and like, well why don’t we use them to unravel these problems here as well, right? Why do we pursue to, you know, settle as it like “Oh, it can’t possibly be done. It’s computationally infeasible. ” I mean what number of times have we seen something that stepper motor driver seemed to be impossible a decade in the past happened with say, you recognize, AlphaGo and some these other approaches.

Rainier: Really, it’s amazing. So, time for the fun question round. It’s incredibly short. So, what’s your favorite city in the total world?

Riley: Well, I actually like Austin, Texas when I was there for South by means of Southwest. That was a good deal of fun. Great people, amazing food. And I was warm finally caused by London.

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