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Water Strider

Joined: Sun Jun 3rd, 2018
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Posts: 5
Equipment: Fly fishing
Best Catch: 20Kg barbel on R 80,00 rod
Favorite Fishing Spot: Anywhere where there's fish!
Boat: Water Strider solo fishing craft
Club: Haenertsburg Trout Association
Hi all, I'm new to this forum and although I have seen hundreds of posts from all the members over the years I never thought to register until a few days ago when I read a few threads about kick boats.

I would like to introduce the latest innovation in portable fishing craft. The Water Strider was born from a need to get the jetty to where the fish are and so I was inspired by this need to catch more fish. I've been fly fishing since the age of 14 (that's 29 years!) and got gatvol of standing on the bank, casting only as far as my fly line can go (around 27 - 29m). I have owned a float tube since forever but probably only used it 5 or 6 times. I detest sitting and fishing and I loathe a wet sack for hours on end. More than that, though, I find inflating pontoons a real mission. The Water Strider allows me to stand and fish and I can double-haul my full line out whilst the electric motor is propelling me forward. The craft is highly stable in this regard and since it has a very shallow draft (15 - 20cm) it is like a racing car which means it doesn't rock like a boat would when a wake slaps it on the underside. The Water Strider goes with the flow by simply following the peak and trough of each wave. It's very much like riding a motorcycle in terms of that sense of freedom and adventure one gets from sitting on top of a vehicle as opposed to inside it.

The Water Strider can be paddled or propelled by an electric motor and for the really adventurous types, by a small petrol outboard (

Tha Water Strider recently received a positive review in the Complete Fly Fisherman magazine which is currently available in stores (June/July 2018 edition). We also have a website: The craft costs R 8 300,00 and is handmade in Silverton, Pretoria at our factory.

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