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Helicopter Rig???  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Nov 15th, 2017 04:10 pm
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I'm new to carp specimen angling. I have a couple of questions on a certain rig.
I've been watching alot of the Korda videos, Fox Videos etc.

So listening to what they said, I've decided I want to test a rig (see attachment).

The red boxes there just to show what I'm asking about

The 1st block - they use a line called Korda Boom, is there any other line I could use to have the same stiff "boom" section??

2nd the Korda heli safe system as they call it, also any other cheaper method to replace it with that will also drop the led need be?

Reason for this, for me Korda is a bit expensive, and carp specimen gear overall as well. I do not want to buy all the expensive stuff and not catch anything.

Attachment: 1.jpg (Downloaded 94 times)

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 Posted: Wed Nov 15th, 2017 08:54 pm
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The helicopter rig refers more to the lead system set-up,the hooklink is a seperate item.

The hooklink in your first box is known as a spinner or Ronnie rig,designed for use with pop-ups.There are lots of other hooklink set-ups,for balanced baits and heavy bottom baits.Korda's Boom is a stiff flourocarbon line,there are lots of other manufacturers who make the same type of product.The stiff flouro they used means that rig is intended to be used on a hard clear bottom.If the bottom was uneven or soft silt,that stiff section should be replaced with a softer material like coated braid.So in short,Korda Boom is definitely not the only option to use.You are correct,they are ridiculously expensive.

Your second question refers to the Heli safe clip.It is designed to discharge the lead in very weedy situations,so the fish can come up to the surface so it can be landed without getting snagged in the weed.It is by no means an essential item.The helicopter rig is my favourite lead set-up,I have used it for years and I have never needed a heli safe clip.If I feel I need to drop the lead in a snaggy or weedy situation,I use light 5lb mono to tie the lead on.This obviously would not withstand the force of a hard cast,so then I use pva string to secure the knot.The pva will melt underwater,meaning the light mono can break to discharge the lead if needed.Cheap,simple and it works perfectly.

Welcome the the frustrating world of big carp angling.Some days you can do everything right and still blank,it's part of the game.But you have already learned the most valuable lesson:Don't believe everything you see on promotional movies,some information is valuable,some is blatant marketing rubbish.My advice would be to start slow and learn as you go.Go fishing with experienced anglers,you will learn a lot and avoid many of the pitfalls like buying unnecessary tackle etc.

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