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Maphalane Trip  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Sep 21st, 2016 02:37 pm
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Joined: Thu Jun 7th, 2007
Location: JHB, South Africa
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Equipment: Shimano Tiagra 30 Tld 25
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Boat: SeaCat 510
Club: RBSC
Hi All.

Just a short chat on my recent trip to Maphalane. The weather was windy but fishable. I was there from Wednesday until Sunday morning. The chalets are still rustic but for my purposes of being there to fish, it was more than sufficient. Staff were all friendly and helpful.

On Wednesday afternoon after unpacking, I went down to the bay in front. There were a number of smaller shad and I could see that they were being chased and smashed by some larger predators. I manage to catch two shad and immediately put them out as live bait.

Within five minutes the reel screamed and I was into a nice Garrick and managed to land it. It came to the scale at 12.6 kg. Whilst still busy with this Garrick, my other rod started bending and the reel screaming. Another nice Garrick and this one weighed just under 7kg.

Immediately sent out two more livies and within half an hour was in again. This time it go the better of me and I think it may have been a large GT as it just took off for the reef on the point. I couldn't turn it and it sped off my line until the backing was showing. 20 minutes in the hooks pulled and I lost it. I was not using any steel trace and both hooks came back so I am sure it was not a toothy critter.

The next day the bay was quite except for the numerous smaller shad so I headed off to crayfish point. Shad were also numerous here but a bit bigger than in the bay. I immediately put out a livie and with ten minutes was into a nice fish. This time it was a 4.2kg massive shad. I was ecstatic. I put out another livie but remained quite until 21h00 when I decided to walk back. On my way back I bumped into two guys that had also been fishing at crayfish point and they had a 12kg Kob and a 9 kg GT that they had caught on livies until the Black tip sharks arrived and obliterated their live bait.

All in all this place still holds a special place as a fishing hotspot and a great place to go as if you put in the hours, you will be rewarded. Make no mistake, you must put in the hours as I fished for 14/15 hours a day and actually came back to work to relax.

Apart from the fish mentioned above I also was broken up twice on fish that I could not turn and think they were flat fish. Both of these were caught on red-eye fillets.
Released three Garrick of about 6kgs, 1 beaut of a catface rockcod, a nice stumpy of over 3kgs, a smaller diamond skate and three black tipped sharks. Here is a pic of the two Garrick I kept.

Attachment: IMG-20160726-WA0003_1469535656907.jpg (Downloaded 446 times)

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 Posted: Wed Sep 21st, 2016 03:19 pm
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Joined: Wed Nov 29th, 2006
Location: Edenvale, JHB, South Africa
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Equipment: Waft Iron Feathers, Shimanos, Diawas, Berkley
Best Catch: The one I lost
Favorite Fishing Spot: Tongaat River Mouth,High Rock,Ballito, Tugela
Boat: -
Brilliant goings there bud! most of us in GP would dream of results like that.... well done!

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 Posted: Wed Sep 21st, 2016 04:11 pm
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Favorite Fishing Spot: Mazeppa Bay
Boat: Ranger XLT - Beast
Well done, excellent fishing.

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 Posted: Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 10:55 am
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Joined: Wed Apr 23rd, 2008
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Equipment: 13ft L&F+Alivio10000&14ft Elbe w/runner+Speedmaster iv
Best Catch: 4.5kg Brusher
Favorite Fishing Spot: Mtentu-Wild Coast
Boat: No
Club: No
(ni(ce(fish)(Eish the yearning starts again!!!Maphelane always brings back pleasant memories!!

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 Posted: Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 02:59 pm
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willem wikkel spies

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Club: nooooit nie
lekker man, lekker.
yip dis harde werk, maar daars niks so lekker soos hengel nie.
wel gedaan.

nog net nege slapies!!!!

dalk moet ek weer n draai daai kant maak. ons loop gewoonlik net soontoe sodra ons geen shad noord kry nie.

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 Posted: Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 04:22 pm
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Boat: None
Well Done

And thank you for taking the time to share.

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