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Looking For LTB Boat Partner  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Jan 7th, 2016 12:08 pm
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Hi All LTB's

Hope you all well and compliments for the new season.

Ok I have sold my boat 4 years ago and took a break from LTB and im burning to return again and go bigg again BUT only problem here is that I have no boat and not planning to buy again so I am in need of some advise and assistance on who needs a good angling partner.

Im snr 28 years old have Provincial colors on LTB 10 x maybe more I have In lands / Binnelands SNR and have SALTBAA so if anyone interested in having experienced LTB boat partner feel free to PM me so we can have a chat .

Seeking preferably gauteng or NW partners Live in Gauteng currently But anyone else also welcome ?

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