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 Posted: Mon May 28th, 2012 08:00 am
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MOULDIE wrote:
Flatstick wrote:
MOULDIE wrote:
MOULDIE wrote:
Mission,offshore Sat26 or Sun 27
Size...8kg plus
Tackle...Shimi20/40 10kg IGFA class line
Bait...Chokka/pilie da sea

Mission accomplished,3x cob combined weight 8.2kg
Nice fish bud and nice try to ballie.:fbash One was supposed to be 8kg not all together. Be a good sport and put in there in the top left corner.

Jys skerp,I wonderd how long I could get away with it ,but technically ,my mission does say cob which is one cob or 3 cob
Not long at all bud. I have been promoted to Sealine CSI.:fbash