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 Posted: Thu May 10th, 2012 06:36 am
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Craigo,   ::S,much obliged for your efforts,really impressive what these designers put into technology,which we sometimes just take for granted.

I suspect that some of that tecno have gone into the Tiralejo range,as I cannot recall once that I had a windknot on my mainline braid,it could well be because of the line-lay anti-twist ,anti whatever design of the Twinpower range of reels.(basically a Stella,bar a bearing or two),and a few Bob cheaper.I recall only one set-up which was on a 9 footer coupled to a Ultegra 5500 and HMP-braid,in all fairness I think the 1-1.5oz lures/plugs, being very light, could have played a role.

Of all the options you mention,The Stitched loop and Spyker-knot may be the one that I will give a go,(Just hate stitching,because of eyesight), if my PR B2B does not withstand the test.

For what its worth: on one trip I counted 1640 casts, tangle-free,before I got the first catch on the original Doubled mainline 55lbs Saltiga Bbraid to 55kg Power-pro leader made with an Improved Albright.So windknots in mainline aint my problem, its that one in a million leader-knot break.

Go forth now ,and make a PR connection b2b.::S

Thanks for wealth of info Craig.