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 Posted: Wed May 9th, 2012 08:12 pm
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I use the Spyker knot for leader from the reel application and tie 100 and 130lbs hollow core to 30lbs and 50lbs

I seldom for shore fishing applications fish above 30lbs Jerry Brown = 43lbs Tensile strength this would be equivalent to 0.60mm mono and is plenty plenty strong and gives great casting distances

I have used the Jerry Brown knot with great success and it's my go to knot with Nylon leader. I use a full length nylon leader up to 0.80mm with the Bob Sands knot as it makes a lovely taper that runs through the guides.

If and when I use 130lbs braid as leader then I use a bob Sands to the nylon end (1.5mm mono) and then:

With JB Hollow core I use a Bob Sands which I close down carefully and with the Hollow core as smooth as it is the knot is great

Solid braid to solid braid I use a 3 turn uni in heavy braid and 5 turn uni in the lighter braid but this takes 50lbs to below 30lbs but you don't us mainline but rather the leader or sinker when snagging

To get 100% connection I stitch a loop in the solid braid 3-5cm loop and then connect to the thicker braid with a "Spyker Knot" and the connection is guaranteed 100% tensile strength of the thinner braid. Small, streamline and secure and casts like a dream.

I still maintain that your concerns in terms of line wrap and knot on the guides is adequately addressed by the Fuji corporations design of the new Concept Casting Guides.