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 Posted: Wed May 9th, 2012 05:30 pm
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Fuji have long since designed rod components to address your concerns.

The Concept lo rider was specifically designed for this and specifically for medium to heavy and ultra heavy braid work.

The reversed 1st guide on the high frame prevents the leader connection going into the gap between ring and double foot. this was specifically designed and developed on Ultra heavy popping applications because when an 8oz popper is nailed on a popping rod and the 130lbs leader connection or windknot or guide wrap occurs in the "CROSS WIND", the leader doesn't break, the guide doesn't break, the rod does and a R10k Carpenter and a remote fishing trip is destroyed.

Following this and the further move to super lines with lower and lower diameters which have different characteristics to monofilament the K Series anti fouling guides - here's a video of how it works:

Although this one is in Japanese watching the Video will show how it works and why the advantage. the cameras are filming the line and braid flow to and through the guides at 20,000 frames per second