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 Posted: Wed May 9th, 2012 01:56 pm
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Thanks for all the info guys.Let me just recap briefly,I dont have a problem per-se with braid to leader connection,most if not all the knots that you mention have been tried and tested by many anglers.

They all work ,but none of them can counter the bow of line coming off a grinder spool between reel and first guide,when casting in a severe cross-wind,and I mean severe cross-wind.(completely different from a multiplier)

.Each and every one of them(because of the severe cross-wind), will be approaching the first guide ,irrespective of that guide's distance away from reel,or the diameter of that guide,at a precarious angle,which could possibly lead to that piece of line where it gets thicker due to ANY knot,to hit that guide side-on.Obviously it will be enhanced depending on your knot-size,and leader-length,but lets say 7-10 wraps, around the spool, minimum,preferably more.Leader-length necessary for specific terrain.

I have an arsenal of knots that work most of the time,just searching for the ultimate,will do further tests with the B2B-PR.Bear in mind that at present I am specifically looking at using Power-pro leader with the slight wax-coating, which helps with the PR-bite.

Thanks for very valuable input so far,keep it coming.