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 Posted: Wed May 9th, 2012 08:12 am
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Kopstamp, I've never sent you K series, he built Concept Lo Riders onto Rene's rod.

K Series better suited to ligher braid setups.

I've been using the normal "Spyker Knot" on the braid to braid connections with pretty great strengths maintained, I turn the 130lbs leader 3 times around the 50lbs double.

As rod builder I would rather recommend a #12 tip guide instead of stepping it down to #10. With #12 minimum guides I've had guys casting 200lbs hollowcore to 50lbs mainline without problems.

If you have quality guides ie.... Fuji or Alps even a 1mm knotted nylon wouldn't threaten the Guide rings

Nepps the R&S guys are using these connections, not so much popping and jigging and then from the last guide they have a 1m nylon leader for protection. The havy leade is for throwing a 6oz and yellowtail head and to give a thicker line for leadering the fish from the rocks as you're invariably a lot further than the fish than from a boat.