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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2012 09:45 am
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kitefisher wrote:
ps. Using the Jigging Master bobbin where you can adjust the tension,and that has the correct weight for making a PR,takes no more than 5 minutes after a bit of practice,and having the advantage of multiple spools pre-leadered,helps a lot.

Input appreciated,big time.

@Andre,come on,go make one ,or get Roy to make one,and just check it out.^^..

Alan - Those JM Bobbins really are amazing tools, and make the PR knot tying sooooo much easier, and agruably, more consistant as well!


I'll give it a test run mate, for sure, I like your " uit die ****" thinking, certainly the first I've heard of using the PR for a braid to braid connection....


I'm mostly using JB hollowcore these days, so splicing loops to join twisties, or windons takes less than 30 seconds at most, so not really bothering with stitching these days, except in some of the lighter braids I've got.... but will certainly give it a test run for you.... off to Linene next week, dunno if I'm willing to test it on fish just yet, but will see how it goes!