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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2012 08:33 am
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There are very few knots between leader and braid that I havent tried at some stage or other,be it between braid and mono or braid to braid.I have yet to have one of them fail on a fish (touch wood).Breaking strains even with knots/joins that decrease breaking strain tremendously,are probably still way above the realistic drag-settings that one can handle from uneven rocky terrain.(for myself anyway,maergat,lol).

Most,if not all of them, including the one you mention above casts reasonably well through the guides.(some better than others). Ultimately a seamless transition would be Utopia,and the PR is probably the join,nearest to that.Testing braided knots can be tricky if you do not know the actual(not stated on the label) breaking strain of the braid in question.Some of the best 50lbs braids have  30lbs stated on the label,(e.g Fireline). Whats important to me is how the knot/join lays on the spool,and if it possibly affects overlaying coils of line coming off the spool,and off-course how it reacts in the abovementioned strong cross-wind scenario through the guides. Bearing in mind that this knot/join has to go through the guides roughly 150 times out and hopefully 150 times back through the guides in a morning spin/plug-session and ditto for the afternoon.

ps. Using the Jigging Master bobbin where you can adjust the tension,and that has the correct weight for making a PR,takes no more than 5 minutes after a bit of practice,and having the advantage of multiple spools pre-leadered,helps a lot.

Input appreciated,big time.

@Andre,come on,go make one ,or get Roy to make one,and just check it out.^^..