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 Posted: Mon May 7th, 2012 07:13 pm
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Cheers Guys and sorry for late''comeback'',major hassles with work PC.

@Bennie,yes I use 120-200lbs braid as leader,mainly because of terrain where I really need a long,long leader,with the abrasion of Power-pro,which comes in about.50-65mm,give or take.(Fixed spool/Grinder)

@ Simen I will give that a test soon thanks.

@BTTB,now that is a fish in your avatar,I am so gatvol(no pun) of bi-focals and stitching, I cant begin to explain,but thanks a lot.

OK here goes,Dre as you know, nowadays I spin mostly for Yellowtail/Blacktip-Kingfish,and the odd elusive Sard-run- GT on the lower KZN-coast,.I have used the following knots all with success,on different braids but mostly 55lbs Saltiga boat braid.

1)Improved Albright(doubled braid) to a tapered clear Mono T-line leader ,starting at about .55mm of the taper on the .50-80mm taper, and then if I felt I needed more I'd simply add roughly 1 meter of clear 1mm mono(dont like fluoro),using improved Albright again.

2) Improved Allbright to 150-200lbs Power-pro(the one with the slight wax-coating),and then if I feel the fish are finnicky,I may add the 1 meter Clear mono again.

3)Stitched the two together,55lbs-200Lbs and it does cast well,somehow I just dont feel 100% comfortable with the stitch (Its a personal thing,cant really fault the stitch,just dont like the short tassles hanging from either end of the stitch).Also did the same stitch with 80Lbs Boat Braid-200Lbs,and it works.

4) Bear in mind that even if I make whichever knot,I basically need it to be stronger than say 12kg or thereabouts.I can barely hold on to much more than 7kg's of drag(75kg has been,nearly 50,lol),at most have I tapped the drag to what I guess would be 8-10kg's when I see that I'm getting handed my backside.

So I sit here with my champion Jigstarafrica PR Bobbin and I think, let me just give this a try, what the hell.I made the PR using the same 55lbs Boat braid,to the Power pro in 200lbs,which I can make a damn sight quicker than a stitch,only thing I did different from the Mono/Fluoro connection was to not burn the cut-off end, as it poses no cutting the mainline threat.I deliberately left the leader tag about a centimeter long to monitor any possible slippage.Hooked an electronic scale to it and pulled to 15 kg's ,then pulled again and again,and eventually keeping it at 15 kg for about 3-5minutes.Habba breakage,habba slippage,zat, zero, zip,nada,aziko.

Speed in tying it is irrelevant,I fish a Shimano-Twinpower,12000 for which I have a 10 000 spool and the ultimate 16000 Jigging-Master spool from Roy/Andre, with drag beyond comprehension.(Landbased, for me, it will come into its own from a beach where you can dig in and not get pulled off the rocks,or semistraight-sticking,an initial burn at max hold on drag,from the bricks).Spools are pre-rigged with leaders and home made stainless snaps, in case of hidings/breakage,they can be changed within a minute,even before the fish have moved off.

The three spools are rigged 40lbs, 55 Lbs,and 80lbs each roughly 300m-400meters ,and I alternate the use depending on conditions and gut-feel.
p.s I see too many fish hooked and not landed,I personally have a pet-hate with being under-gunned to the detriment of the fish.I use '"lock and hold" for most fish up to about 10-12kg's,depending on footing and terrain.
Terain is as such that if I could use 15meters of leader I would,in fact some guys do on multipliers where knots are a lesser issue(Bimini+2fig8's)

Somebody please make the PR-knot and give your thoughts


Sorry for long post.

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