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 Posted: Mon Apr 30th, 2012 08:48 pm
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Hi Guys,

Interesting to see the list of best baits; I am not an expert in targetting barbel - most of mine come as bycatch whilst I target vundu, which I have fished for a great deal, taking a couple of hundred..

My 'go to' bait is either ox heart, or, often better - liver - good scent trail, and often easy to get hold of. The 'skin' on the lobes of the liver help in keeping it on the hook - but true to say its not as good as heart where plenty of bait robbers - butter barbel (Makriel), small barbel etc, are around.. outfishes deadbaits any day of the week..

I am a little surprised to see heart/liver onlly get mentioned once thus far - perhaps whilst its good for vundu, it does not work as well for barbel..?

Just my '2 cents..'...!::S

Cheers, RF.