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 Posted: Tue Mar 27th, 2012 03:08 pm
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nobbles wrote: I get my blood raised often by discusions like this. As humans we have been doing things like this for 1000 upon 1000 of years. Its part of nature, i hunt and i fish. I kill animals, as long as there is a purpose behind it and you are not wasting the animal i dont have an issue. Again my opinion, just because i say it doesnt mean you have to agree and do the same and just as you have stated your opinion doesnt mean Marthin has to obey or visa versa. Is it an endagered species he is using? will there be a negative impact on the population? My answer to that is no. If no perminant damage is being done where in lies the issue, Parks board in durban drives around shooting indian myna's, ask the SPCA if they condone this.

I agree with your post.Fishing is a blood sport, I would use any animal/insect other than a mammal as bait.Illegal yes - but everyone isnt perfect.I really dont care if the species is NOT protected.Thats my opinion :)

If you are fishing and not getting any bites while the guy next to you is pulling out fish after fish ,are you really going to ignore what he is doing different to you?

Yellow should has used a myna bird - you are LEGALLY allowed to kill any myna bird as its an invasive species

Yellow said that the weavers decimate the wheat crops - I could picture myself doing the same thing if i was in his shoes - although i seriously doubt i could bring myself to hooking a live bird as bait!:wfish