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 Posted: Wed Oct 5th, 2011 03:33 pm
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Hi guys,

When I started spearing a little over a year ago I started and dived with what I had. Soon after that, a mate gave me a set of Omer Milleniums. That revolutionized my diving experience completely! Recently I noticed that the foot pockets had split on either side of the toes. I tried getting them glued or have some sort of quick fix. No joy. Now what?
My mate Eckart gave me a call and asked me to try these Mares Razor Pro’s out.
First dive with them was for yellowtail at Dassen Island up the west coast. Swimming into position in order to ambush these skittish creatures in the cold water was paramount. Right from the first kick I noticed that they were more flexible than my previous fins and were far more responsive then what I was used to. I did a lot of swimming that day and I managed 4 nice fish for the trip.
Another thing I noticed was that my feet never felt too cramped while diving with neoprene socks on. They accomodate wider feet and felt like an extension of my leg, as any decent equipment should. Part and parcel of this realization was the fact that they are so light.
I have researched what other spearo’s and freedivers have said about these fins and they have all concur:
•    They are light weight
•    They are flexible! It is not like the plastic fins that we are accustomed to. They are definitely a softer plastic and definitely leaning more to a performance blade.
•    The foot pockets are VERY comfortable and very well suited for wider feet.
•    They are upgradeable. In other words, you can replace the blades with Carbon blades if required.
•    They are sized up to a size 47/48!
•    They are very affordable.

I think that Freedivers Cape Town has a special on them for R1100 (Including Neoprene socks). If you’re looking for a new set of fins, give Eckart a call or send him a message.


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