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 Posted: Fri Jun 17th, 2011 07:14 pm
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Hi guys

I have 3 one piece rods that i would like to convert to two piece as its much easier to transport. Before i sell them, where can i try to make this possible. I have 1 12ft and 2 10ft galaxy t53 blue marlin rods. The have served me well and are still like new and very dear to me... Please help, Btw i am from Natal, pmb.

Many thanks and if i'm not successful, i will have to sell them...


it is possible but I don't know if there are builders close by.

If I do it for you then we have to ship up and down from PMB to PTA, probably around R400-450 unless you have a mate traveling up, maybe I'll be passing PMB in June and pick up for you.

The T53 Galaxy is a strong weave and resistant to splitting so we make up spiggots inser them from the bitt section and re-inforce the joint area.

Spiggot joints and the work will cost between R120-150 a rod