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 Posted: Wed May 26th, 2010 08:29 pm
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WWFisherman wrote:  but I just truly don't believe in an omnipotent being. I mean, it is possible that there is a god but I don't sincerely believe it. To be a Christian and not truly believe would be hypocrisy for me and something akin to Pascal's Wager.

Snap! You have the same view's as myself.. I believe we have a creator!! But not what everyone say's, or have been told to believe in.. if you know what I mean ???? And The creator I shall worship who has made us and so forth.

The first ever church was started up by a theif and conn man who lied murdered and stole people's money for the name of 'God' & it extended from that I guess.. Believe in me and you will have ever lasting life.. No one want's to die!! They wish to live forever!? And if you don't believe in god you go to hell! ?? What is hell? Can you also prove that hell exists? Believe in me and you shall go to heaven? What is heaven? Can you prove heaven exists? There are so many question's that one can ask and not get any answer's for.

All over the world there are so many Religion's .. so many different belief's in different god's.. for example.. And out of all respect to each and every religion.. The Muslim religion worships Allah.. We have a difference between Catholic and prodestant over here in Northern Ireland.. Other's worship The sun..the stars.. stone's.. Tree's.. animal's.. And so on.. What make's are religion the right one to believe in? For all we know a stone could be the right god.

What if... We die and that's just it!! Would you have all done thing's differently in life??