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 Posted: Thu Apr 29th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Chris Shelton

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Glenn wrote: Chris Shelton wrote: Extremely intelligent guy he is, that I don't dispute, but he's not God!

Now getting back to God, I firmly believe that the Earth and all it's inhabitants, past, present and future were part of God's MASTER PLAN! Now i can't explain why i say this without getting all religious, so suffice to say, if Earth indeed was his master plan, why would he bother trying to sustain life on other planets? He has enough on His hands already!!! ;)

He could be god and you just dont know it! who know's.. :clow

God made all in 6 day's and rested the 7th day! 'Made all'.. That's what he has done including other thing's yet not discovered.

Like you cris I'm not easy taken into thing's nor fooled.. But when I see a thing or programme I'm open minded about it.. (get it a chance) And at present this is being open minded.. So thing's are a possibility just now.

I prefer to give God a chance boet. It's a far more comforting option