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 Posted: Sun Apr 18th, 2010 07:29 pm
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We fish our leagues over a weekend with juniors and Seniors on Sat and Ladies and balance of Seniors Sunday.

Thios is League 1 of 3 with the next rounds in Oct and Nov with the final at the end of Nov (Top 2 Seniors teams from Sat and TOp 2 Senior teams of Sun)

The onset of winter and the effects of the Cold fronts of the weekend were evident with 40% of Saturday's anglers blanking and Dean Pelser (Of Super Cast fame (Banjo/Cina 1/Ebony/Little Boy etc) taking the league honours for the day with 7 fish.

Our turn on Sunday and from the info I got from Dean and Badie was that we should prepare to fish 130m+

Dead slow start to the fishing.  I started at 160m (P4) and 145m M1.5.  2 Hours into the match and only 1 fish in our Zone.  After a lot of scratching Martin and I found the Carp at 130m and the Muddies at 100m.  Lots of snags, fish lost and hard work.

We eventually got our noses ahead and all was looking good and then my adjacent opponents land a 7.5kg Silver Carp.  The last hour is really good to me and I land 2 muddies and 2 carp.

Martin takes 1st and myself 2nd and in the end out total fish is almost equal to the total of the rest of the zone.

The plan we slapped together produced the goods and we won all the zones giving us an easy win for the league under harsh and trying angling conditions. 

I also got quite a few good pics for the dam profile article I'm doing for the bank angler.

Anxiously awaiting a Lightning stoppage, still needing fish to cancel the 7kg Chinaman (Chinese Silver Carp)


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