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 Posted: Mon Jan 18th, 2010 10:33 am
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robyosh wrote: J A M .........0 NEED HIS PERMISSION FIRST SORRYSure: 071 873 7279 So it is a well known fact among my friends that I have had a bad spell when it comes to fishing lasting one year and three months...I must confess, it did end rather nicely with a 7.5kg kob caught on Pilly at klein voel klip...

This weekend Robyosh and myself went fishing at Swartvlei for some shad/grunter/cob as we have heard rumors that this spot is going off. Rather desperate to break the dry spell, I packed up and off we went.

On arrival the dropshot fellas were hitting garick on the left side of the lagoon by the dozen. 500g - 800g...good fun. As I was setting up my d/s rig, I noted movement in the water a good couple of fellas running around madly throwing rocks and hitting with sticks...and that's when the fun started.


What you will need
 Two Windhoek draughts; one six foot, 108 kg fella by the name of J A M; one cast net and pations.

How does it work
1. Drink the Windhoek to boost your will need this.
2. Take your 6 foot, 108kg fella named J A M and spot a shallow bank adjasent to a drop off (grunters frequent these when feeding).
3. Now run after the grunter like an absolute fool and push it to the nearest sand bank whilst readying your cast net. Open your cast net and jump on the fish like yet another fool and hold on for dear life.
4. Take the grunter for a photie and enjoy the other windhoek whilst telling this story to your mate on the other side of the river. 

 PS: I caught 2 of these grunters in the above mentioned fashion. One was a 52cm and the other a 63cm which I gave to a little girl.    

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