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 Posted: Sun Jan 4th, 2009 07:33 pm
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Pappajoe wrote: I'll let you know tomorrow morning who my instructor is. Thanks for the advice . I've like forever wanted to do scuba diving but the closest I get to it is snorkling. When I'm on the beach I put on suntan lotion kiss my wife and go to the rocks, tidal pools and bays. That is my life just to "fly" and look around you WOW.

This is probably gonna be one of the great things you do in your life Pappa... there is NOTHING that beats the Solitude, Tranquility and Peace of blowing bubbles Underwater... just you and your Maker...

A word of advice, Nepps will probably back me up here... your first few outings of donning a tight wetsuit, all the gear, equipment, instructions etc etc - you're GOING to feel claustrophobic... don't worry, EVERYONE does. As soon as you get used to the gear and equipment, that anxiety, stress and claustrophobia soon disappears - then you begin to REALLY enjoy it... so just hang in there... it's dinkum worth it!!

By the way... I'm a NAUI TRIMIX certified diver... been to 100m in Diepgat and Wright's Canyon in Sodwana to see the Coelocanth's... hectic stuff with 4 tins on your back, 4 regs, double redundant backups, 6 hour dive preps etc etc. T-shirts and stuff... nah, Trimix is just STUPID! Deeper and deeper til one day, you don't come back.